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Love Story

A long time ago, there was a 16 years old girl lived in a distant village. She was not an ordinary girl. She was a prophecies. She could properchy everything, such as weather, fortunate, unfortunate event was the remarkably .. She could see the way the death of a person by only did the eye-contact. That made her part avoided stranger, neighbor even her friend of the same age. Nobody wanted to be friend with her. Her parents protected her from out-life too. So, this girl-named-Ratri always felt lonely to facing her days. But, she should keep on that way if wanted to living peacefully. In the night, Ratri always looked a thousand stars in the sky to propeching what would happen tomorrow. Or just watch their beautiful lights and shape. If there was not rain or heavy wind, Usually she took a walk to the lake in her village-forest to watching stars Cleary.

One night, when she did her job from her window, Ratri seen something is lighting with very looong tail and its tail Increased the length and speed.

"Is that comet?" Asked her to herself. Felt interest, she ran from her house to chasing it. The comet brought her to the lake that always visited by her bright when night comes. Then, that long lights stopped to falling and leaving beautiful dusky on its way in the sky. Ratri was happy to looking it Cleary. But, her mind told that there was huge disaster would happen to her lovely village. Have not yet ignored her mind, she heard a voice singing a beautiful song with ukulele rhymes. It means that there was someone else in the that place now. Whereas, the lake placed far enough from city and it could say that Ratri was the only visitor. The voice was still singing. Because got curious and felt to falling in love with that voice, Ratri Decided to looking for the voice was from. Seem like she ever heard it before.

Then, she found it. A blonde-guy with brown hat was sitting under the tree and singing a song with playing his ukulele. Dusky lights from moon made Rtari could not look on his face Cleary. Despite of that, she still looked that guy until his song ended. Suddenly, her minds told that there was something bad would happen to him. She felt there was a bear running on its way to reaching him. Without thinking, she ran from her hidden place to that guy. She grabbed his hand, pulled him to follow her and ran Quickly. That guy was confused. He already asked many things to her. But, Ratri kept silent and avoided to do eye-contact with him.

"That .. there was a bear, "said her without looking in his eyes firstly.

"What? You can prophecy? That was cool! "Ratri asked that guy but did not answer it and was still looking at the bear. That bear destroyed his ukulele there. That's long enough to watching it until gone. And for that long time, Ratri just Realized that she was still grabbing his palm strongly Because when they were watching bear, she knew that there would be huge disaster tomorrow night.

"Sorry .." Said Ratri ashamedly. She grabbed her released. But then, the guy touched Ratri's palm back and shared warmness to her. Felt surprise, she looked that guy's face. And he's quite .. Handsome.

"Thank you for saving me. I'm Robert. Robert Simpson. "Said that guy gently. Ratri felt hypnotize to looking his eyes. This is the first time there was someone treated her well. And from that guy's eyes, she could see that the guy would die in the huge disaster tomorrow.

"No way!" Said Ratri to herself. Suddenly one little grain released from his eyes. She already found the first and the only one friend. Should she lost him tomorrow?

"Hey! Why are you crying? "Said Robert while wiped her tears with his thumb. Then, he wearing his coat to Ratri Because that night, huge wind blew up from west. Without answered his answer, she ran from that place.

"Wait! What's your name? "Shouted Robert to Ratri.

"Ratri." She answered shortly.

"Let's be friend, Rat!" Robert Shouted again. But Ratri was still running without looking back again. When she arrived home, she told her parents about the disaster and her parents Decided to move at that night.

Tomorrow night, Ratri went to the lake again. He saw Robert was sleeping under the tree. Knew that came Ratri, Robert took a walk to her. They talked many things. Include the disaster. From that, Ratri knew that Robert noticed about her ability to proceching even his death. He knew a lot about Ratri. But, he did not avoid her, he still wanted to be friend with her. Finally, Ratri friend had in her entire of life.

At that time, the disaster came up. That was an earthquake with such a huge strong. They ran together to saving their life. Holding a hand and helping each other .. Ratri seems like having more feeling for Robert. But, when Suddenly there was a big stem fell to Ratri, Robert pushed her body Quickly and made him fallen by the stem. Ratri got confused. But, Robert told her to going to his house. Castle. In the second, Rtari got surprised again! Actually, Robert was a son of the king that reigned there. He was a singer too. That's why, Ratri felt familiar with his voice and song.

"Thank you for my wannabe friend, Robert .." said Ratri to him.

"Stay strong and be confidence, Rat! Go! Hurry up! "As he said that, Ratri ran and went to the castle. When she told that Robert has gone, the tear fell from her eyes. And Robert's family believed it. At that time, Ratri was crying her heart out Because there was her first friend dead to saving her life. Suddenly, someone touched her shoulder. Guess what? He is Robert! The one that she was missing all about! Without saying a word, Ratri hugged him and told him that she loved him. Robert was injured, but Ratri felt happy to know that Robert is beside her now.

"Guess what? I have enough confidence to do something now, Robert. "

"What thing?"

"To saying that .. I love you ;) "Robert smiled. Then, he hugged Ratri tightly with his right hand. Because his left hand was getting injured. He was happy. Because he can make a changed of Ratri. The one that he loved too. Ratri was unique and different with other girls. Something about Ratri, naturally was going and he loved their togetherness. Yeah, he can not lie to himself that he likes Ratri too.

"I love you too ;) "He replied then kissed him Ratri's forehead. They were becoming a happy couple then. Reigned the kingdom and making their region of Increased prosperity. Then Ratri was properchy Becoming kingdom, King Robert's queen, having more confidence, made friends with many people and always loved Robert. The first one of his friend and his loved .. forever.


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